Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cardinal Raymond Burke Visits the Relic of the Head of St. Thomas More

Where to Buy Order of Malta Wine in London, UK

Castello di Magione wine is terrific. 

This winery is located near enough to Rome, west of Perugia.  The castle dates from around 1150.  It began as a hospice opened by the Knights Hospitallers for pilgrim travelers walking the the pilgrim routes to Rome. 

Today the Magione estate winery covers 1,325 hectares of agricultural land of which 30 hectares are planted with vines.   

The vineyards are planted on the slopes facing Lake Trasimeno; the microclimate is especially good for the grapes, with the lake tempering the heat of the Umbrian summers.

See here:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Prayers from Fatima!

Dear reader, be assured of our prayers from Fatima on the 100th anniversary.  Our pilgrimage continues and it is a great joy and privilege to be in Fatima at this time, carrying all of your intentions to the altar at the feet of Our Lady.  Let us pray!

Extraordinary Form in Portugal

Lisbon is greatly in need of a personal parish for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman rite.  Please pray for this intention.  Some of the most impressive young traditional Catholic men can be found in Portugal.  Senza Pagare is my favorite blog from Portugal -- the author is a saintly man who studies Canon Law in Rome (hi, Joao!).  Tonight we had Low Mass in the Classical rite in Fatima.  It was splendid and well attended. 

Mass in Fatima for 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Holy Mass in Fatima, Portugal

You all are in our prayers on the 100th anniversary of Fatima!


Fatimae: Greetings from Fatima!

Be assured of my prayers from Fatima this October 12-13.  If you have never been here before, join one of our future tours.  Fatima is a place of penance and the holy rosary.  It is a must see.  I have been here twice this year on pilgrimage - a tremendous honor to lead groups of pilgrims here. 

Camino de Santiago Passport

Walk the Camino in Spain and be forever be changed.  It is glorious! 

Holy Mass at the Site of the Eucharistic Miracle of Santarém in Portugal

Our OC-Travel group had Mass here.  It was splendid.  

Afterwards, the sacristan allowed us to ascent behind the altar to see the miracle up close. 

Pilgrim Candles in Lourdes

Battle of Lepanto Cross Kept in Barcelona Cathedral: Santo Cristo de Lepanto

An honor to pray here before the "Holy Christ of Lepanto" (located in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of Barcelona Cathedral).  This sacred relic witnessed the battle in 1571.

Model of Christian Navy's Flagship of the Battle of Lepanto

Seen at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona.  I highly recommend visiting here.

Don Juan's Royal Galley of the Battle of Lepanto

Re-built in the 1970s and on display at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.  A wonderful place to visit. 

Battle of Lepanto: Fighting the Turks

Fascinating history.  Seen at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona. 

Battle of Lepanto Painting

Seen at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona.

Well worth a visit.  

Model of Royal Galley of Battle of Lepanto

Seen at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona. 

Royal Galley of Battle of Lepanto in Barcelona

Meet Real, the flagship of the Battle of Lepanto.  Seen at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona.

This is a re-creation, constructed in the same shipyard in Barcelona.

The Battle of Lepanto in 1571 saw Juan of Austria's fleet of the Holy League, an alliance of Christian powers of the Mediterranean, decisively defeat the Islamist Turk in the largest naval battle in the history of warfare.

A breathtaking sight to behold.  

Royal Galley of Battle of Lepanto in Barcelona

This is a copy of Real, made in Barcelona.  The original was a Spanish galley and the flagship of Don Juan of Austria in the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, the largest battle between galleys in the history of naval warfare.  Read more HERE.

Seen at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.